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How to effectively optimize the foreign trade website title

 As we all know, the website title has played a most important role in SEO. Have a good title, can help to clear up your site search engine and bring good rankings. It can also help users when browsing search results to figure out your website, and decide whether they want to click on your website. These skills is the most important link in website title optimization, it will help make your web site has a better user experience and more search engine friendly degrees.
To optimize the foreign trade website title, must complete the following nine:
1, use a unique title for each page
Many different SEO optimization function is poor website page all use the same title, it is not desirable. Each page in your set for a specific keyword, will help you to maximize website visibility. Please be sure to choose a good website SEO optimization function, can customize each page title of the page, to ensure that every single page on the site has a unique title.
2, to embed the keyword reasonable phrases
The keyword appears in the form of phrases than directly using keywords effect is much better. For example, "How to Lose Weight for Women Under 35" than a simple keyword "Lose Weight" to be more effective. This will help you get more specific target search traffic. In addition, still can reduce the likelihood of Google think you abuse the keyword, if you want to know the keyword stuffing punishment was very severe.
3, using induction of merchantability title
Try to use "How to Lose Weight Quickly" or "How to Shed Pounds in weekes" rather than "How to Lose Weight", these words sounds more positive and more attention will be caught. Which help to attract the reader's attention and help Google to locate your ranking. Google determine whether a keywords ranking will take into account the user's requirements. When using a keyword, users click on your web site is higher than the same external conditions of other sites, Google is no reason not to put your website at the top. If not, then think Google's fault. More clicks, better rankings.