Portable oxygen concentrator


Structural Features
▶ The oxygen concentrator is mainly composed of the main frame, flow meter and humidifier.
▶ Equipped with full plastic casing, safe and reliable.
▶ Equipped with remote-control function, which can operate the oxygen concentrator remotely.
▶ Equipped with cumulative time functions to show total working time by display.
▶ Equipped with single time function for real-time control of single oxygen inhalation time.
▶ Equipped with the timed shutdown function for easy use.
▶ Equipped with the function of releasing anion.
▶ The heat protector in the compressor ensures the safety of the compressor and the oxygen concentrator.
▶ Equipped with flow adjustment function to adjust flow between 1L and 5L.

Oxygen Generation Principle
The oxygen concentrator is powered by power source of 220V±22V / 110V±11V, takes the air as raw material and adopts the high-quality molecular sieve to make high-purity oxygen at normal temperature by pressure swing absorption separation (PSA).

Main Technical Specifications
Power supply 220V ± 22V / 110V±11V,
50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz
Input power ≤ 200VA
Oxygen concentrator 30%~90% (when oxygen flow is 1L/min, oxygen concentration ≥90%)
Oxygen flow 1L/min ~ 5L/min
Noise ≤ 60dB (A)
Dimension 33.5 ×× 21.5 ×37.5 (cm)
Net Weight 6.5kg

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