Home Oxygen Concentrator


The oxygen concentrator can be provided for the medical institutions and families to generate oxygen for the oxygen-deficient patients. The oxygen concentrator with nebulization function can be used as air compressing nebulizer that nebulizes the medicine liquid for inhalation.

▶The oxygen concentrator is mainly composed of the main frame,flow meter and humidifier.The oxygen concentrator with nebulization function is function is equipped with air tube,nebulization medicine cup,nozzle or face mask.
▶Equipped with full plastic casing,sagfe and reliable

▶Equipped with real voice function and more intuitive operation.

▶Equipped with large LCD screen for clearer operation.

▶Equipped with remote control to operate the oxygen concentrator remotely.

▶Equipped with cumulative timing function to show total working time by display.

▶Equipped with single timing function for control single oxygen inhalation time.

▶Equipped with timed shutdown function for easy and convenient operation.

▶Equipped with calendar function for more intuitive master of time.

▶Equipped with the button with background light for clearer and more intuitive display and more convenient use.

▶Equipped with power-off alarm function.

▶Equipped with function of releasing anion.

▶The heat protector in the compressor ensures the safety of the compressor and the oxygen concentrator.

▶Equipped with flow adjustment function to adjust the flow between 1L and 5L.

▶Equipped with nebulization function (Y007B-5W).

▶Equipped with the function of oxygen concentration monitoring and alarming.


Main Technical Specifications
Maximum flow :5L / min
Flow scope when the nominal pressure at the outlet is 7kPa :0.5~5L / min
Flow accuracy at maximum flow under the back pressure of 7kPa :± 10% of indicated flow
Outlet nominal pressure of 0 kPa Oxygen concentration: ≥ 90%
Oxygen yield: 0.5L/min~3L/min
Output pressure :0.02MPa~0.07MPa
Release pressure of compressor’s safety valve :280kPa ± 50kPa
Noise: ≤ 60dB(A)
Power supply: 220V ± 22V / 110V±11V,50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz,Input power 400VA
Net weight :18 kg
Dimension :46 × 31.5 × 52.5 (cm)

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