air compressing nebulizer

The air compressing nebulizer is developed for the successful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. It creates a stream of air that travels through clear tube to the nebulizer. When air enters the nebulizer, it will convert the prescribed medication into aerosol mist for easy inhalation.

Spray (cup) dosing and installation method:
1) Unscrew the medicine cup cover;
2) According to the doctor's instructions, the amount of the drug into the cup, cannot exceed the maximum scale line;
3) Tighten the medicine cup cover;
4) Connect the mouthpiece or mask and the medicine cup lid interface.
Note: Treatment. Will it contain in mouth slightly closed, lips or face mask can treatment.

Operation steps:
1)To check on power supply and environmental equipment use, to ensure compliance with the requirement of installation environment.
2) The components according to the required position, check the annex is a reliable connection, connected to the host power supply.
3) Turn the power switch, to ensure that at this stage, the power switch is in the "O" state.
4) To be host to operate normally 1 ~ 2 minutes, connected to the main spray and atomization medicine cup between air tube.
5) According to the doctor's instructions, atomization treatment.
6) After treatment, there is sufficient time to breathe the fresh air, to produce effect.


1  Power AC 220V±22V/110V±11V, 50/60Hz
2  Input Power 180VA +15%
3  Maximum Nebulization Rate ≥0.2 ml / min
4  Medication Capacity 2~8 ml
5  Particle Size 0.5μm to 10μm
6  MMAD 4μm
7  Sound Level ≤65 dB(A)
8  Compressor Max Air Pressure ≥0.15 MPa
9  Compressor Free Air Flow ≥10 L/min
10  Operation temperature range +5 ℃ ~ +40℃
11  Relative Humidity ≤80% RH
12  Atmospheric Pressure Ranges: 86-106kPa
13  Standard Accessories Nebulizing cup (1 pc), Air tube (1 pc), mouth piece (1 pc), masks (2 pcs), cotton filter (5 pcs), fuse (1 pc)

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