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The setting up of SEO keywords

Search masters said, search, is "in the right place to use the right tools and the right method to find the correct content". Keyword set has certain skills, but, for the average person, master many search engine seems less likely. With one or two relatively strong representative most search tools to achieve more eager to.
1. The right place: that is people use most search engines is the right place, is commonly: Google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, etc. Where the others set of keywords is a very good learning, at the same time with the keyword articles submitted to the search engine will have great exposure.
2. The right tools: search engine, of course. But different search engines have the same place, also have different places, must have their own "temper". Before the word also suggested that you should spend some time thinking about exactly what you need to target keywords or key phrases. The first thing to avoid radical, don't be impatient for success. Sit down, open your favorite text editor tool software, and then open your web page in another window, read it again from the beginning to the end will be your web pages, and then stop and think about the following questions:
A. my article is about what kind of content
B. the article which words can accurately describe the content of a web page?
C. when someone on the search engines to find similar information, he may use the keywords have?
When you find the answer, will immediately think of the words or phrases, and then pick out the most suitable for your keywords.
3. The correct approach: keyword Settings there are a lot of ways, for those with deep pockets can adopt popular keyword bidding; For ordinary businesses and individuals choose need medium hot keywords (because of too hot keywords are not easy to get good rankings), and on the basis of the keywords will be key to optimize web pages, but also get some minor less popular keywords used on web pages, in order to in these uncommon keyword search, you can also appear in the results. Set some partial cold keyword or take some wrong spelling, intentionally or adjust the position of the word, such as "network marketing", two words before and after the position adjustment, became a "network" with the two search, the results have the same place, also have different places. We can according to your own need to set up.
4. Right: the content of the key words must be concise, but not ambiguous, to let everybody understand what is your content, such as I set up the longest word is: how to do network marketing, network marketing with those methods, network technology, the shortest is: the Internet promotion, promotion methods, promotion skills, why not use a shorter, promotion. The rule is simple: with too many people in these two words, and can't reflect the content, also the content of the search that they want, it's need to take the precision Settings, so that the accurate search. If you have a set of keywords list, but may include some of the most popular words, such as "MP3", "blog" or "beauty" and so on. The next thing to do is to break these popular words. It sounds like some cruel, but if you are a beginner, you are impossible to get good rankings on these keywords. Even search engine log experts (I have to say most experts) also try to avoid these keywords, because they're too hot, there are tens of thousands of web sites to them as the target keywords to participate in the competition, even if your web page optimization techniques, you can't guarantee to the top, so you need to put these keywords. Imagine if you had planned to use the promotion, how to network marketing? Get good rankings in these phrases under relative to the original keyword would be easier. Anyway, in a medium hot keywords in the search engine ranking in the top 10, than with a hot keywords in 500 is much better. Search and precise search: in my keywords "network marketing" in the Google search, for example: in order to "promote" search: in about 85800000 items conform to the dyeing of the query results. This is a normal search results. Range is too big, a lot of is not the information I need. "Network marketing" search: there are about 10900000 items conform to the network to promote the query results. All of a sudden reduced 10 times. This is precisely the search results. How to "network marketing" search: how about 1940000 items conform to the network to promote the query results, narrowing the scope. With "how to do network promotion" search: about 68300 for how to do network promotion of query results. Greatly narrowed the scope of, make the results more in line with needs will need to set the singular and plural.