Excess Inventory Management

Overstocking can result in high warehousing costs and great financial pressure. The shorter the lifespan of the excess and obsolete materials are in your warehouse, the lower the value the materials have. Hunt Electronics can help clients deal with excess in a variety of ways.

Sales of Well-chosen Materials

Hunt Electronics’s electronics experts can identify key materials among thousands of clients’ stocks and strike a deal at  a good discounted price.

Batch Processing

Hunt Electronics can carry out batches of purchase to address clients’ excess in the most efficient and effective way.

Material Consignment

Hunt Electronics can help maximize your warehousing space through material consignment. More importantly, the consigned materials will be immediately integrated into Hunt Electronics’s parity system and sales networks as well as the excess inventory management list for global clients. These consigned materials will be on top priority to all sales opportunities.

Additional Services

Testing and Inspection: we can carry out functional tests under clients’ requirements to ensure the best quality of products.

Technical support: we can help clients obtain the technical information of EOL (End of Life) products.

Vacuum packaging: we can provide various MSL packaging services to maintain the quality of materials and products. 

Integrated Quotation for NPI: Our professional teams provide an intergrated quotation for the BOM list of new preojects. The service enable the clients to easily process vast quantities of quotation information. 

Logistics Services: 24/7 global delivery

Real-time Market Intelligence: With keen insights into the market information, we provide the latest updates on your requirements of products. 

BOM Analysis: We offer BOM analysis and consulting services to help clients reduce costs.

Financial Support: We provide financial support for credible clients.